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Short Essay

Please write a short essay (300-400 words only) on one of the following subjects, or a topic that you feel will assist the judges in evaluating your application. This is a mandatory part of the application. You may upload a prepared document from your computer by utilizing the File Upload button below.

  • Why I have chosen printing as a career choice.
  • How or why printing is relative in today’s world.
  • How traditional print is adapting to the internet challenge.
  • The role of wide format imaging in the market.

If you are attending a school that has coursework in publication, product, packaging or gravure technology, you may prepare your essay on one of the following topics in order to be considered for a special category of scholarships designated through the Gravure Education Foundation. This will not eliminate you from consideration of other scholarships.

  • My interest in gravure technology and the print communications industry.
  • My interest in gravure technology for the gravure packaging industry.
  • How to bring legacy gravure into the new interactive media arena.

Any essay that demonstrates your interest in the gravure or packaging industry.

Please submit your essay as Word or PDF file using the File Upload button below.