PGSF Scholarship has Far-Reaching Industry Connection for One Recipient

PGSF Board Member Doug Yeager

Doug Yeager

During a time when it seems that we may only hear negative stories about downsizing and declines in the printing industry it is good to remember that there are also positive stories and uplifting messages. And there are a myriad of efforts and are organizations that produce positive results and have a lasting impact on the industry. The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) is an organization that (often quietly and in the background) is having a long lasting positive affect on the graphics industry in general.

Doug Yeager is a former recipient of a PGSF scholarship and throughout his career has been actively involved in the printing industry in many capacities. His story is an exemplary example of how a scholarship can help a young individual attain goals that may have been otherwise inaccessible. It shows how the impact of this scholarship kick started his career, and has guided his involvement well beyond just his role with his employer. Here is his story…

Doug became interested in the graphic arts when he enrolled in a printing course in junior high school, eventually deciding that this would be his career choice. He enrolled in a vocational technical school during his high school days to further facilitate his knowledge and skills. During his junior and senior years, he began to work as a cooperative education student at Alcom Printing Group, a local printing company. It was one of his instructors at the Vo-tech that made him aware that there were higher education programs available for the printing industry. During the same period, a well-known local educator and small print shop owner suddenly passed away leaving the local print community in shock and wanting to leave a lasting legacy to this wonderful individual. Local printing company owners, along with the local Printing Craftsman Club established the James F. Bucchin, Jr. Memorial Scholarship in his honor.

Upon graduating from school, Doug made the decision to apply for enrollment into Rochester Institute of Technology. He was accepted to RIT and at the same time, was the first recipient of the Bucchin Memorial Scholarship. Doug also applied for and received a scholarship from the National Scholarship Trust Fund (predecessor of PGSF). While attending RIT, Doug continued to work at Alcom in varying positions during school breaks and summers. Upon graduating from RIT, Doug was offered a full time job with Alcom. He has been with the firm ever since, working his way up through many areas of the company and today holds the position of Chief Operations Officer, has ownership in the company, and is the Assistant Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Doug has never forgotten the help he received from NTSF and the Bucchin Memorial Scholarships as he paid his own way through college and would not have been able to attend without the financial support he received. As Doug became involved in the local Printing Craftsman Club, he eventually became the chairman of the Bucchin Memorial Scholarship. Eventually the Printing Craftsman Club became defunct and Doug had to find a home for the scholarship funds, which by that time had become quite substantial. That is when Doug got in touch with the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation. The Foundation was a perfect fit for the James F. Bucchin, Jr. Memorial Scholarship because it allowed the legacy of a great educator to remain intact forever. Today, the Bucchin Memorial still exists as part of the PGSF as an endowed scholarship.

But our story doesn’t end there. Doug has remained active in education by serving on the boards of several vocational-technical school print programs. Over the years he has helped review and recommend curriculum changes to their print courses. Doug also became involved with the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation. Each year, Doug helps to review the numerous applications to the scholarship and achieves great satisfaction in helping young students achieve their educational goals as well. Doug has served a number of terms as a director on the PGSF Board, where he has also held various officer positions including serving as its Charmian for two terms.

Doug has also served his local print community by being involved in the Graphic Arts Association, the local Printing Industries of America Affiliate. Doug has been on the Board of Directors, and has served as their Chairman of the Board.

In 2010, Doug was admitted to the Ben Franklin Honor Society as recognition for his service to the printing industry, an honor he regards with the utmost regard.

Doug comments “I am proud to be part of an industry that has managed change over the years, probably more change and adversity than most industries today. We may be a smaller industry today, but we are a strong, proud industry that still has much to offer to young people. Organizations like PGSF make that happen for so many individuals today. I enjoy tremendously being around the scholarship recipients or reading about their experiences on the PGSF Facebook page. It makes me proud to be part of this great organization that gives so much back to the industry in the way of future talent.”

Since its founding sixty years ago PGSF has provided scholarships to over 7,000 students. In the most current year it awarded more than $400,000 to some 220 students. Get updated on Our 2019 Impact