PGSFHistoricalPic1_ResizedThe Foundation was established in 1956 when the Education Council of the Graphic Arts formed the National Scholarship Trust Foundation for the purpose of supporting education in the graphic arts community. The combined efforts of Sam Burt, Harry Porter, Harold Ross and Elmer Voight led to the creation of the first organization in the industry with a national focus on the creation and awarding of scholarships.

Through the support of leading industry vendors and manufacturers endowments were made, with some of the first coming from Harris Graphics and Rockwell International. In 1958 the first nine students were awarded scholarships from the Foundation. In 1966 NSTF joined forces with the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF) which at the time was the leading research and technical resource association for the graphics industry. In 1968, a total of $42,000 in awards were made to 28 undergraduate and fellowship students.

PGSFHistoricalPic2_ResizedBy 1979, 235 scholarships were being awarded and by the mid-80’s the numbers reached the 300’s. In 1991 the NSTF was incorporated and recognized as a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The year 1999 saw significant milestones for the organization as it underwent a name change to Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation to more closely identify its function. And, it reached the $5 million endowment level.

PGSFHistoricalPic3Since 1956, PGSF has awarded over 7,000 scholarships to students preparing for careers in the graphic communications field. PGSF operates under the control of a board of directors comprised of industry leaders and educators dedicated to furthering its goals and mission. With a total current endowment of approximately $10 million, the Foundation is committed to low fees, steady income and preservation of capital. Our focus is to have scholarship awards funded from the earnings of the invested endowments and keep principle funds in tact.