The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to helping individuals, companies, and organizations support scholarships to educate future workers in the graphics arts industry. Without the support of forward-thinking industry leaders, we would not be able to achieve this important goal.

We need your support to meet those needs. There are many ways to show your support. A one-time contribution, regular gift giving and estate planning are examples. There are over 100 established endowments from many local, regional and corporate entities which can receive additional funds. Or, you may simply donate to the general endowment for scholarship awards.

Ways to Give

Donate Now
Donate online by using the convenient “Donate Now!” button found throughout our website. You can use your credit card at any time to make a contribution.

Memorial or Honorary Gifts
A donation to PGSF is a thoughtful way to express your sympathy for the loss of a loved one or to honor someone special in your life or in the industry.

One of the easiest ways to make a gift to PGSF is through a bequest in your will. If you wish you can do so by giving a specific gift to PGSF, or by giving a specified percentage of the remainder of your estate after all specific gifts have been made.

The following simple language can be used to make your gift: I give and devise to Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation, or its successor, the sum of _____ dollars ($_____) to be used for the Foundation’s educational purposes, provided that PGSF must be a charity as described in the appropriate sections of the Internal Revenue Code.

The bequest may be included in the body of a will or as an amendment (codicil). Gifts made through a bequest typically provide an estate tax deduction. Please consult your attorney and/or financial advisor for specific information.
Corporate and Foundation Giving
PGSF welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations to identify areas of mutual interest that can benefit the future of 0ur industry.

Existing Endowments
Contribute additional funds to the dozens of established endowed funds for a person, organization, or local area that already exists.

Payment Plans
For your convenience, contributions can be made by check, credit card, or PayPal as a one-time donation, or they can be set up to recur on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.