What Career Path Should You Take?

It’s One of the Most Important Decisions of Your Life and We’re Here to Help You!

You can now find a career that aligns with your interests, personality and the things you like doing! The Harrison Assessment Career Navigation System is based on world-wide research that clearly shows that when you find this alignment, you are more than three times as likely to succeed in your career.

Harrison Assessments
Career Navigation Overview

How It Works


Click the PURCHASE button to make your purchase. Be sure to use coupon code PGSF2016 for a $25 discount. Once you have completed your purchase you will receive access to the Career Navigation System.


Once in the system, you will take the assessment. There is no time limit, but it will generally take between 20-40 minutes. Just be yourself and think about what you like to do most.


Inside your personalized portal, you’ll explore your career development guide, career options, greatest strengths and career comparisons matching your skills and interests to careers that will best suit you.

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Our Partnership

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation has partnered with Peak Focus to bring PGSF students an amazing powerful tool called the Harrison Assessment Career Navigation System to support you in finding a career that will best suit you and impact your happiness and fulfillment for many years to come.


“Taking the Harrison Assessment and the experience I had with Jerry while reviewing my results helped me to prepare for job interviews that were scheduled during the next couple of days. Bringing my Greatest Strengths Report with me as part of my interview package was awesome! When they asked me who I was, I explained the Harrison Assessment to them and presented my Greatest Strengths report as not only a great representation of who I feel I am, but also as an unbiased, third party assessment of who I am as an employee. At each interview, they seemed very impressed that I provided them with this information. I was offered a job within the week from my top choice and I truly feel that the information I proved them from my Harrison Assessment was a key part in their decision to offer me a position with their company. I thank the team from Peak Focus for their guidance and professionalism!”

– Eric Glick

Harrison Assessment Career
Navigation System

We don’t just provide you with a career report – we provide an interactive, online tool which will allow you to see more than 650 careers ranked in order according to your likes and dislikes. You’ll be able to sort the careers by education levels, search for enjoyment levels related to specific careers, or explore what you would like or dislike about specific careers. You can also run reports related to your greatest strengths or likely career development issues.

Again, It’s One of the Most Important Decisions of Your Life.

So What Career Path Should You Take?

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