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Selection of Finalists

The Scholarship Selection Committee of PGSF is comprised of college educators and industry leaders experienced in interpreting test scores, school records, and other pertinent information. The confidential file of every candidate who becomes a semifinalist in the competition is carefully reviewed. Scholarship candidates are judged on the basis of their academic records; recommendations offered from instructors, advisors, and employers; biographical records, which indicate academic honors; extracurricular interests, etc.

Announcement of Winners

A letter will notify scholarship winners. Each scholarship award becomes official when the winner returns a form that confirms enrollment in an approved college and the student’s signature verifying acceptance of the scholarship.

Value of Awards

Scholarship awards vary in amount from $1,000 to $5,000 per academic year, in most cases, for up to four years. In addition, all current recipients are given an honorary membership in the Printing Industries of America for the duration of their studies. Thus, they receive the same benefits that other Educational Members receive, such as discounts on Printing Industries of America products. PGSF students may post their résumés on printworkers.com for those who are seeking internships, part-time, or full-time employment. The Scholarship Selection Committee of PGSF will determine the amount of each scholarship. The amount of the scholarship is not made public. The award will be paid in a lump sum directly to the college financial aid office, in the student’s name. The college will be authorized to draw upon the grant for payment of tuition and other fees.

Scholarship Renewal

A scholarship is awarded for up to four years of college (unless otherwise specified) provided the scholarship recipient maintains a high scholastic average and continues in an approved program of study. The student’s record is reviewed at the end of each grading period and, if satisfactory, the award is extended for the following year. Students are required to maintain a “B” (3.0) average. If a student’s grades fall below this average, the student will be put on academic probation and the funds withheld until the grades are raised. If the student does not raise the grades during the same academic year, the student loses the scholarship and must reapply.

Scholarships for Graduate Study

Some fellowship (graduate study) awards are available for college graduates who want to pursue advanced training in some specialized areas that relate to the graphic communication/printing industry. Deadline for applications for the Fellowship Program is February 15. Separate application forms are available by contacting the PGSF office. Email contact@pgsf.org or phone: (866) 556-PGSF

Protracted Illness

Serious protracted illness or injury that would delay a college career would be considered reason for holding an award on reserve. Time limits and other restrictions are to be set by the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation. Other leaves of absence will be considered individually.

Canadian Scholarships

Residents of Canada interested in pursuing further education for careers in graphic communication/printing should contact the Canadian Printing Industry Association; 151 Rue Slater Street, Suite 1110; Ottawa, ON K1P 5H3.